"Hello, Piano!" Book 2, Part 2 with accompaniment tracks, English Edition

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The second part of the second book of the “Hello, Piano!” piano school method is dedicated to an in-depth learning of note writing, note reading and of the music theory fundamentals through play-based activities.

In this book you will find:

-The learning of new notes in the great octave, small octave and second octave.

-Music theory fundamentals: First encounter with the sixth, seventh and octave intervals, and of course new composition assignments.

-The accidental symbols

-Various new rhythmic patterns

-Fingering principles for music sheet reading

-Specific exercises to improve note reading and rhythm pattern reading

-Colorful illustrations

-10 original compositions

-Accompaniment tracks (secondo part) at three different speeds with the QR-codes (you will need to install a QR-code reader on your device, for instance “QR-Scanner”)

This book will help children in making big steps in music sheet reading through attractive and joyful activities which will interest the child in note reading and, eventually, in playing piano with pleasure and without being forced to do so.